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Best Buy employees may double-check the site or call the store to make sure the price is legit. The Best Buy mobile app has the same pricing and is treated the same as Amy Livingston is a freelance writer who can actually answer yes to the question, "And from that you make a living?" Best Buy lives up to its name by price matching with all local competitors, as well as these online sites:,,, and Best Buy does not match competitors' financing offers, or financing offers that differ between our stores and Pro tip: Browser extensions and comparison shopping apps like Capital One Shopping make shopping online easier than ever before. To get a price match at The Home Depot, you must display the ad with the lower price when you check out. Basically, Price Match policy means that you can claim for the partial refund. Tell us which competitor is offering the lower price; we will verify the price and that the item is in stock and available for immediate sale and delivery. The store will adjust the price you paid down to $100, giving you $10 back. My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked members can save 20% on new video games. In real life, taking advantage of price matching isn’t always so simple. It is a pity to see when you find the same product in another store at a much cheaper price after buying, or its value has suddenly decreased at the original place of purchase. If you’re shopping at, it promises to match the price on any competitor’s website, including the shipping cost. Unlike The Home Depot, Lowe’s says it will only match the price for “reasonable quantities” of a given item. The policy specifically says you cannot get a price match for the following: The most important thing to know about price matching at Walmart is that the store manager is completely in charge. Bring in proof of the lower price, such as a print ad or a website. Yes. All rights reserved. The main reason to choose Best Buy over other big-box stores is its wide selection of electronics. Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the Capital One Shopping extension using the links we provided. This retailer goes one step beyond matching prices: Its 110% Price Match Guarantee promises that if you find a lower price, Staples will give you that price plus a 10% discount. Major chain retailers, such as Target and Walmart, offer price-matching policies as a way to attract more shoppers. Like other stores, Best Buy requires the items be identical and in stock at both Best Buy and the competing store. Best Buy will then review and verify the price match request on a Best Buy device. Short Answer: Walmart’s in-store price match policy is limited to items found on and at a lower price. Best Buy is offering a "Black Friday guarantee" during its two-day sale, Tuesday and Wednesday, on select, qualifying items purchased if the price on … Utilize the Best Buy Price Match Policy. And best of all, these deals are available for all the many, varied products Target sells. The policy specifies that “the manager on duty has the final decision” about whether a particular store allows price matching. The Staples 110% Price Match Guarantee is quite possibly the best price-matching policy available from a large retailer. Often, the lower price you found at some other store doesn’t qualify for a match because of some obscure “gotcha” rule. It means that for any office product, you can be sure of getting a price that’s as good as Amazon’s or better, all without having to pay for shipping or wait for delivery. This can be a great way to save both money and time on grocery shopping. Best BuyUnlike Target and Walmart, which sell nearly everything, Best Buy specializes in electronics. However, you’re limited to one price match per item. For example, if your installment billing plan calls for you to pay a total of $600 and the phone is now available for $500, we will provide you with a $100 Best Buy gift card. - Costs, Pros & Cons, 13 Places to Buy Cheap Discount Sports Tickets Online & Off, 7 Best TV Shows to Watch to Learn About Money, Finance & Business, 14 Best Small-Business Checking Accounts of 2021. Most of the sale prices Walmart doesn’t match — including third-party offers, clearance sales, bundle deals, offers that include financing, and rebates, and any price that’s a misprint — are off-limits at Target as well. It matches competitors’ prices for both online and local stores at the register, and it allows you to use the same price match for more than one of the same item. But you can buy a product, get a price match, and still use our low or no interest financing plans on your original purchase. No. Unlike Walmart, Target also matches prices on items you’ve already bought within the past two weeks. However, it will not match in-store prices from other Target stores. You can also match prices when shopping at, but you must call Guest Services (1-800-591-3869) to do so. Walmart’s price matching policy is much less generous than it used to be. She also maintains a personal blog. If one of those items goes on sale later in the week, you can always come back and get your price adjusted. For instance, it doesn’t offer price matching on any used, reconditioned, or open-box items. That seems high, so you check online and find Walmart is selling the same brand for only $4 a jar. However, it’s important to note that Best Buy often uses its own unique model numbers for appliances and other high-priced items. That includes all retailers within a 25-mile radius, not just the ones that specialize in electronics. The Price Match Guarantee applies to purchase but may vary from other Best Buy owned or branded websites. So while Target matches prices for dozens of online retailers, Best Buy matches prices for only five: Amazon, Crutchfield,,, and TigerDirect. report. If Best Buy lowers our price during the return and exchange period on a My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked purchase, we will, upon request, apply the 20% discount on the new lower price. Purchases at Best Buy Express Kiosks are treated the same as Best Buy store purchases under this policy. When calculating the original purchase price of the phone, all offers, including two-for-one and gift card offers, are taken into account. Better still, Target’s Price-Match Guarantee doesn’t just cover other chains’ websites — it also includes prices listed in print ads for their local stores. Best Buy will then review and verify the price match request on a Best Buy device. You can match the price and then apply your coupon on top of that, getting both cans for free. Any gadget that’s for sale at your local Target or Walmart is likely to be in stock at Best Buy too, so you only have to visit one store to get the best price out of all three. Back in March, Best Buy and Target upped their game and decided to start matching the prices from online retailers such as Amazon. For example, if you find a fitness tracker on sale for $30, you can’t buy one for everybody on your holiday gift list. Instead of running around town for the best deals, you can go to one store and get the best price on everything. The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee does not cover competitor items for sale denoted as Black Friday pricing or in hourly or daily sales events. Office Depot® and OfficeMax® stores, in the 50 United States and Puerto Rico only, and (“Office Depot”) will gladly match the price on a qualifying item sold in store or online at Staples, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or and copy and custom printing jobs from FedEx Office or The UPS Store (each a “Competitor”). Price matching cannot be processed in our stores or via e-mail. Online chat price match requests must be made by the product purchaser. However, you cannot stack a matched price with a Target store coupon. Best Buy. You know that if it does, you can come back and get the lower price. Whether due to a bulk purchase order or a specific promotion, Best Buy For Business or Best Buy Education may have a lower price on a product. You can use a printed ad, a photo, or a printout from the Web. Each store has different rules about when it will and won’t match prices. Better still, if you find a lower price, you don’t always have to go to the other store to get it. The content on is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. However, that applies only to products both sold and shipped by Amazon. The return and exchange period on most items is 15 days (with some exceptions).. Best Buy will also match the prices of select competitors at the time of the sale, including online prices. For purposes of the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee, Best Buy takes the discounted My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked price into account prior to a price match request. Yes they will: They do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail competitor, has an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met. It doesn’t match prices in Alaska or Hawaii. If a Best Buy product falls in price in store or online after a sale within the qualifying return period, Best Buy will refund the difference between the two prices. Then, on Friday, you see an ad showing the same pants on sale for $20 at another store. Due to the differences in services being performed, Best Buy does not match competitors' service prices. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the Tag Design, MY BEST BUY, and BESTBUY.COM are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. Price Match Guarantee: We’ll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Target then find the identical item for less at, select online competitors, or in Target’s or competitor’s local print ad. Aside from not price matching prior to purchase, all other terms and conditions of the Price Match Guarantee apply. share. The terms of the Price Match Guarantee do not apply to purchases at Magnolia Audio/Video and Pacific Sales stores. Our Price Match Guarantee covers new items (excludes clearance and open-box items). Best Buy: According to the website, ‘ We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail competitor, has an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met.’ To get a price match at Target, you must show the ad with the lower price at the checkout. Like the Price match, the Price Guarantee does not apply to marketplace resellers, financing offers (including Special Financing offers), gift card offers, bundles, free items, pricing errors, service and installation offers, items advertised as limited-quantities, out … Learning about each store’s policies can help you figure out when it’s worth asking for a match and which stores are most likely to give it to you. A final problem is that, like The Home Depot, Lowe’s uses store-specific model numbers for many large items. To get this price match, you must contact Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278) before placing your order. Pricing only available to select groups of customers including loyalty offers, discounts relating to a non-warehouse membership programs and government exchange store offers. Services, such as computer repair, virus removal, or printing and marketing, Sale prices from special events, such as grand openings or clearance sales. Surprisingly, I recently had a Best Buy employee tell me that not many shoppers take advantage of their fairly liberal price match policy. Connect with us via Best Buy Chat. Best Buy matches the pre-tax price. The Price Match Guarantee terms apply to a purchase from any of our stores within a store and to any purchase from a free standing Best Buy Mobile store. Its basic offer is the same: If you find a better price at another store, Lowe’s will match it. Make sure the product you would like to price match is identical to our competitor's product (it must be a matching brand with identical model number and color). We strive to write accurate and genuine reviews and articles, and all views and opinions expressed are solely those of the authors. googletag.pubads().enableSingleRequest(); Sometimes a qualifying competitor will advertise a product in ads and on its website as having limited quantities in stock. Shoppers on can still get price matches, but only from a limited number of stores — and the feature is kind of a pain to use. The only things you cannot get a price match for are: That means everything else you can find in a Staples store is eligible for price matching. does not include all banks, credit card companies or all available credit card offers, although best efforts are made to include a comprehensive list of offers regardless of compensation. Exclusions apply including, but not limited to, contract mobile phones sold by any online retailer, competitors’ service prices, special daily or hourly sales, and items for sale the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving, whether offered by Best Buy or a competitor. The first option is to receive a Best Buy gift card for the difference between the overall installment billing price you agreed to pay for the phone and the current installment billing price on the phone. If Best Buy lowers the price during the Black Friday Sale, Best Buy will refund the difference in price. Add the free Capital One Shopping browser extension. But before you do it, check the other jars on the shelf. best. Jump to solution. You can show either a printed ad or a website where you found a lower price. However, like Target, Best Buy also matches prices for local retail stores. For example, If a Gamers Club Unlocked member paid $47.99 for a new game priced at $59.99 and Best Buy lowers the price to $49.99 during the return and exchange period, we will, upon request, price match the new price with the 20% discount and sell the My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member the game for $39.99. To save money with price matching, you need to know the store’s rules, along with the hidden traps and exceptions they contain. googletag.pubads().setTargeting('subcat', []).setTargeting('category', ['savings']); A local retail competitor for retail store purchases is a retail store authorized by a vendor to sell a new, factory-sealed product with a warranty and is located in the same market area (within a 25-mile radius) of your local Best Buy store. For example, say you buy a pair of pants at Target for $30 on Wednesday. Clearance items are excluded from the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee. When shopping on, you can request a price match if you find a lower price at any of 28 other online stores, including Amazon,, and If the price does go lower, you can follow the steps under the “Requesting a Price Match” section to request a refund of the difference. If you have purchased a mobile phone on an installment billing plan from Best Buy and we lower our installment billing price during the 14-day return and exchange window, you have some options. It also doesn’t match prices for any marketplace or third-party seller. You see your favorite brand of peanut butter is selling for $5 a jar. Yes. It’s also limited to prices from local retail stores, and there’s no clear definition of “local.” If you live out in the country and Lowe’s is the only home center nearby, you’re likely to be out of luck when it comes to matching prices. Best Buy Price Match Questions: Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? Purchases from a Smartphone application/website, orders with store pickup, and orders from the kiosk inside a Best Buy store are considered purchases for purposes of the Price Match Guarantee. All Rights Reserved. Best Buy sales in the U.S. reached $42.15 billion in 2018. Price matching can be a great way to get deals. Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart? Best Buy also promises to match prices offered at warehouse clubs, as long as they’re local. 1 Solution Correct Answers Correct Answer! Some exclusions apply. Capital One Shopping also automatically adds any available coupon codes to cart items at hundreds of participating retailers. Then, a week later, you see the same tool advertised at another store for $100. The store associate will check to make sure the product meets all Lowe’s criteria before giving you the matching price. If you show that price at the register, Staples will knock 10% off the competitor’s price and sell you the printer for $108. We may have financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this website. Because of this, the only stores it matches prices for are other stores that sell electronics. The Best Buy price match policy serves as a great way to always get the lowest price when shopping for electronics. They are aggressively pricing their wares to gain more sales. This includes free gift card with purchase offers. In fact, it won’t match any sale price offered from Thanksgiving Day through the entire week afterward. Best Buy reserves the right to limit price match online chat requests. There is a limit of one price match per phone. 80% Upvoted. No. Since Best Buy uses store-specific numbers for many big-ticket items, you can’t always match prices. It doesn’t offer price matching on any custom or special-ordered products, such as custom-fitted window blinds. So long as the price match requested is on an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met. We always prioritize the customer interests in all cases. We will not override sales tax to match a competitor's price. Competitor offers including service prices (delivery and installation charges), pre-order offers, trade-in offers, and special daily or hourly sales. Lowe’s policy has similar exceptions to The Home Depot’s. Yes. If Best Buy has a voice-only deal, we will not match that price. For custom orders and for certain items like appliances, price matching doesn’t work. However, the Price Matching Policy is not the same as the in-store policy. When making a purchase, or during the return and exchange period, please talk to a Customer Specialist or go to the Customer Service desk for help with your price match request. The customer service rep must verify the item is eligible for a price match, and the rep “has the final decision” about whether to match another store’s price. The product must be a matching brand, model number and color to qualify. She has written about personal finance and shopping strategies for a variety of publications, including,, and the Dollar Stretcher newsletter. Here’s everything you need to know about price matching at six of the biggest retailers in the U.S. Staples matches prices for any business that has both a retail store and an online store under the same brand name. You can take that ad to Lowe’s, along with your receipt, and ask for a price adjustment. Connect with an Blue Shirt via Best Buy Chat. We do not take sales tax into consideration for price match purposes. Better still, it allows you to adjust prices up to two weeks after purchase. The price-matching policy at Target is considerably more generous than Walmart’s. I am looking to buy a new 16" Macbook Pro for school but since Apple stores have closed due to the coronavirus, I cannot pick it up in store and would rather get it from Best Buy. Best Buy provides you 15 days after you purchase a product to price match. In other words, even with online price matching, there are no guarantees. If you purchase an item at (which includes a purchase from a Smartphone application/website, orders with store pickup, and orders from the kiosk inside a Best Buy store) and if the item is offered at a lower price in the store or at when you pick it up, you may request a price match. By phone, call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) for a price match request. The refund which is the difference of the product you purchased from Best Buy and you find an identical product at a lower price. In short, if you only have time to go to one store, Target is probably your best choice. These are the top places to find good deals on cheap sports tickets. For instance, Home Depot doesn’t match prices for third-party sellers or discount sites because it says these are not “competing retailers.” It also doesn’t match prices for auction sites or wholesale clubs. Some stores allow you to show the lower price offer at the register, and they’ll match it. One price match per identical item, per customer, at the current pre-tax price available to all customers is allowed. For previous purchases, should you find a lower price in-store, in print or online from an authorized Canadian dealer we'll match it Present us wit… You may bring your phone to a Best Buy store and we will research the pricing history on your purchased phone to see if you qualify for a price match. However, unlike The Home Depot, Lowe’s guarantees its prices for a full 30 days after purchase. But like Best Buy, The Home Depot has store-specific model numbers for many appliances and some tools. Please tell us about the lower price that is still in effect that you want the Best Buy retail store to price match. The ad can be in any format, including a printout, local ad, photo, smartphone display, or app. Finally, like other stores, The Home Depot only matches prices on products that are “identical,” down to their model numbers. Look at all the possible ways there are to save, such as buying store brands, stacking coupons, or shopping at cheaper stores that aren’t on the price-matching list. Staples has far fewer rules and exclusions for its price matches than most other stores. However, it never hurts to ask for a match on a or price when shopping at Walmart. However, is it worth getting upset about the overpayment? If you want to learn more about money, the easiest way is to pick up a book on the subject. If you see a lower price at or a Best Buy store near you, all conditions apply from our standard Price Match Guarantee. If your Best Buy purchase was a voice-only deal and we lower our price during your return and exchange period, we will, upon request, match the new, lower price. While online, find a qualifying product that you want to price match. Therefore, you probably can’t get a price match on a new refrigerator, because its model number at Lowe’s won’t match the one at the competing store. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. If we lower our in-store or online price during the return and exchange period, we will match our lower price, upon request. Yes. However, that only works if the model number on the item you’re buying is the same at both stores. However, it doesn’t match the prices of third-party sellers on Amazon or other sites. If the price of a pre-order item drops at the time of shipment, you will automatically be charged the lower price. However, it’s just one of many tools in your smart-shopping kit. by KEN. Should you find a lower price in-store, in print or online from an authorized Canadian dealer we'll match it. Just take that ad and your receipt to the checkout and ask for a price adjustment, and Target will refund the extra $10. If you qualify, you have two options for a price match. Any financing offers, bundle offers, items included in bundle offers, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, coupon offers, items that are advertised as limited quantity, out of stock items, clearance items, open-box items, refurbished items, pre-owned items, credit card offers, gift card offers, items included in gift card offers, rent/lease to own items, Point of Sale Activation cards, video game discounts related to a membership program, voice-only deals, and items for sale the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving, whether offered by Best Buy or a competitor. The store does not match prices for any item that’s damaged or discontinued, or for any special-order item. You can also call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) for a price match request. It’s fairly well known that Best Buy will match the prices of … The store doesn’t match prices for Amazon Marketplace sellers. The electronics giant Best Buy says it won’t be beaten on prices. The biggest advantage of Lowe’s price-matching policy is its 30-day guarantee.

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