cointreau blood orange margarita

But who says you need to follow this recipe strictly? Cover and refrigerate until chilled, about 1 hour. The International Bartenders Association specifies that a margarita contain tequila, lime juice and Cointreau (a sweet orange flavored liqueur). In a pitcher, stir together the lime juice, sugar and 3/4 cup water until the sugar has dissolved. This is a recipe for Blood Orange Margarita. You can use orange juice from a standard navel orange, and this Italian margarita turns out with a warm orange color. This Blood Orange Margarita is not only stunning in color, the Cointreau mixed with the juice of blood oranges makes a perfect partner for smooth easy to drink cocktail. In a pitcher, stir together the lime juice, sugar and 3/4 cup water until the sugar has dissolved. Step 1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Cook Like We Do in The Wild West Cointreau is John's go-to, but any orange-flavored liqueur will work. I am so sorry that we do not currently have the nutritional data for our recipes on our website. Blood Orange Margarita and a Bronco-tini…They’re what’s for Super Bowl Drinks. I also used half blood oranges and half Cara Cara oranges. As you slide into your couch hopefully wearing your Bronco t-shirt and firing up that flat screen, it would seem appropriate that an orange cocktail be in your hand. Add all ingredients into shaker, add ice and shake. I have always been a Margarita fan and looking at this beautiful picture of one is making my mouth water. B W. Hello B, Juice the blood oranges. A seasonal twist on the classic margarita, the rich red juice of blood orange provides both sweetness and sourness from Phillies of Shawlands. Cocktail Recipe. Drooling, but hesitant. *I have seen some blood orange margarita recipes that contain simple syrup. Some people say you can’t tell, but I’m here to tell you that you can. Triple sec, another popular orange liqueur, is considered a Curaçao style liqueur. They can be so smooth and gorgeous and easy to drink that you might be understanding the word “downfall” from a different perspective. Just like the original margarita, the blood orange margarita is a pretty strong drink. Cointreau makes this one special drink. Cover and refrigerate until chilled, about 1 hour. Step 2. Step 3. In a large pitcher, mix the blood orange juice with the lime juice, Cointreau and silver tequila. Run a lime slice along the rim of your margarita glass. And if I were you, I’d sure consider this Blood Orange Margarita. John made this margarita to go with Rach's Everything Chili With Tortilla Tops. I use a blood orange purée made for the restaurant trade. When you’re ready, finish the remaining margaritas in the same way. Cover and refrigerate until chilled, about 1 hour. Triple Sec. Top with sparkling wine. COPYRIGHT © 2014 RICK BAYLESS. What will make this margarita perfect is the margarita salt, the Cointreau orange liqueur, and some club soda. This margarita has a trio of flavors that make it so tasty! Use 2 appetizer plates, on one of the plates pour 1 tbsp of simple syrup. 125ml - 250ml available. At the Olive Garden, if I remember correctly, they rim their glasses with an orange-hued sugar. In an iced down shaker add: añejo tequila, cointreau, ice, fresh orange juice, sea salt, frozen limeade and 2 more Strawberry Basil Margarita Liquor simple syrup, cointreau, … Mexico One Plate at a Time Season 12: Bayless’ Best Ever, 6 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Your Bar or Restaurant - Over Drinks, How To Throw The Best Margarita Shin Dig: Skelly Style! You’ll recognize every ingredient on the short ingredient line. Shake hard for 10-15 seconds, until the outside of the tin begins to frost over. John gives the margarita an Italian spin by making it with blood orange juice, which is as common in Italy as classic OJ is over here. This Blood Orange Margarita is not only stunning in color, the Cointreau mixed with the juice of blood oranges makes a perfect partner for smooth easy to drink cocktail. I prefer … Winter’s citrus season truly deserves a sunny orange margarita or two. I know my daughters and their friends will enjoy this drink. Fill a cocktail shaker about 3/4 full of ice and measure in 1 1/2 cups of the margarita for 3 drinks. Strain into Margarita or cocktail glass. Mix tequila, cointreau, blood orange juice and lime … Gather the rest of your ingredients: lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur, salt, and simple syrup. So what if it’s just the 5th of March and not Cinco de Mayo. And if you have a favorite cocktail using the juice of blood oranges, let me know, I’d love to give it a try. Used grated lime zest, blood orange zest, mixed with sugar for the rims. It’s refreshing, sweet, and full of citrusy flavor. A good margarita starts with a good tequila. Fill a cocktail shaker about 3/4 full of ice and measure in 1 1/2 cups of the margarita for 3 drinks. Moisten the rims of three 6-ounce martini glasses with the cut side of a lime half. Add the tequila, Cointreau and blood orange juice. Cointreau … But if you’d like it to look bright red like these photographs: use a blood orange! Enjoy Cointreau neat or on ice, in long drinks and cocktails. Moisten the rims of three 6-ounce martini glasses with the cut side of a lime half. Cointreau – it wouldn’t be a proper margarita without a little bit of Cointreau! They have an all natural blood orange mix that’s pretty amazing. Looking for a Bronco martini idea? A blood orange margarita is just a delicious classic margarita with extra blood orange! I have a friend who is a chef order it for me. Cherokee Castle Deviled Ham Canape Appetizer, Pear Blue Cheese Crostini with Honey and Walnuts, Blood Orange Margarita, A Super Bowl Cocktail. Why not toast the last days of winter (and the seasonal availability of tart and juicy blood oranges) with a spicy-cool spin on the Margarita? you’ll need about 6 juicy blood oranges, A lime half for moistening the glass rims. Refrigerate until chilled, at least 30 minutes. Coconut Cream – canned full fat coconut cream is an unsweetened coconut cream … Juices should ALWAYS be fresh. You can also garnish the drink to make it look nice and pretty with a slice of blood orange and a lime slice as well. How do I get nutritional data???? fresh blood orange juice (you’ll need about 6 juicy blood oranges), A lime half for moistening the glass rims, Ice cubes (you’ll need about 6 cups—small ones are best). I am 66 years old and don’t drink anymore but this special Margarita may tempt me into having one. A … Shake and strain into a chilled flute. All you need is freshly squeezed orange juice, a bit of fresh lime juice, tequila, Cointreau – and a touch of simple syrup if you’re wanting a little sweetness. I'm a fan of Cointreau for this margarita. Strain into the prepared glass. For the recipe and instructions on how to color that sugar blue, head over to Heather’s blog and take a look. Use blood orange juice for the brilliant color! (This batch recipe makes 10 drinks which means squeezing a lot of blood … It’s all about the tequila, so don’t cover it up. Thirsty for a win and a trip to the Super Bowl, Maralee found it fitting to quench our thirst by serving a beautiful Blood Orange Margarita for each of us. Hope that helps! So very glad I have a loaded blood orange tree in my backyard. Step 2. A great recipe when the oranges are in season. Steps 3 and 4 - Run a lime wedge along the rim of your glasses and dip in salt to coat the rim. Rim your glass in some of the fresh squeezed blood orange juice and dip in salt. Where can we purchase blood orange margarita mix? Run a lime wedge along the rim of a chilled Margarita or cocktail glass, then dip the rim in kosher salt. Garnish with dehydrated Required fields are marked *. Combine tequila, blood orange juice, lime juice, Cointreau and simple syrup into a pitcher. SUBSCRIBE 1oz Cointreau 1 juice from a lime 2 Blood red oranges juiced 2oz Sweet and Sour mix 1 Blood red orange and lime to garnish Ice Simple syrup Margarita salt OR sugar for rim Instructions. Lime makes it sour, Orange makes it sweet, and Blood Orange makes it tart and gives it an amazing color. As Paris was always Edouard Cointreau's inspiration, Parisian woman's lifestyle is truly embodied through the Cointreau fizz, chic in an informal setting. (Check out this blood orange … The drink comes out so much better, good luck! Cover and shake for about 15 seconds to thoroughly chill the mixture. The Original Margarita was created when Dallas socialite Margarita Sames mixed her two favorite spirits, Cointreau and tequila, together with lime juice while on vacation in Acapulco back in 1948. In a large pitcher, stir together the lime juice, sugar and 3/4 cup water until the sugar has dissolved. Cointreau Fizz: - 50ml of Cointreau -Juice of half a … As an aside, you could zest the blood orange into the salt, for a bit more aromatics and color. Shake until combined. However there are many websites and apps where you just copy and paste the recipe and it will tell you. Wimbledon and the Kentucky Derby have their signature drinks, so here’s a couple of spirited cocktails to celebrate the Denver Bronco Super Bowl Orange and Blue colors. Dip the rim of the glass onto a small plate with coarse salt until coated. Oh, and one more thing, if you’re looking for a pink drink, don’t miss my Salty Dog with Saddle Leather. Especially when they’re so easy to make! Fill glass with ice. Juice the blood oranges. Blood Orange Margarita. Beautifully orange in color this is a great football cocktail recipe for any team that sports the color orange. I make these, but add some Solerno Blood Orange liqueur as well. Fine strain over ice into glass. Dress the glasses with a slice of blood orange and a slice of lime. None of that bottled stuff here. … Set aside. Add the tequila, Cointreau and blood orange juice. On average, you can expect its alcohol content to fall in the 21 percent ABV (42 proof), or … The Super Bowl is just a couple days away with 100 million people scheduled to watch. Add the tequila, Cointreau and blood orange juice. Thanks so much for this post. Hurry! Garnish with a Blood Orange and Lime Wheel. The vibrant taste of the fresh blood orange juice melds perfectly with the premium tequila and Cointreau. Strain into the prepared glasses and hand to your guests. This adds another level of citrus flavor to margaritas. My sister was over one night and I made her my signature Cadillac margarita. However, instead of an orange liqueur like triple sec or Cointreau, this Italian margarita uses amaretto, an almond liqueur. Your email address will not be published. Garnish with a blood orange slice. It’s f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Your email address will not be published. Step 3. And isn’t her photo a real winner! Remove the lid from the margarita salt container Add tequila, blood orange juice, orange juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup to a shaker tin and top off with ice. This Blood Orange Margarita originally appeared on the cover of the Edible Silicon Valley Winter + Spring issue 21 photographed by Paulette Phlipot.After an extensive search, countless email requests and plenty of experimentation, we uncovered the original recipe, created by mixologist and cocktail master Ryan Sullivan whose current whereabouts are unknown. How to make a Bloody Margarita Cocktail. Spread coarse salt or sugar on a small plate and press the rims of the glasses until coated. Saddle Up and Subscribe, Copyright © 2021 Cooking On The Ranch • Privacy Policy. Give it a stir and then place in the refrigerator … Similar … Drinks turned out fabulous! A fun and delish Western Themed Cocktail. There is something about using premium ingredients in a margarita. Garnish with a lime wheel and serve. If … Cover and shake for about 15 seconds to thoroughly chill the mixture. We were invited to friends Greg and Maralee’s for the AFC Championship game. In a large pitcher, stir together the lime juice, sugar and 3/4 cup water until the sugar has dissolved. Strain into the glasses. You’ll find the recipe for this one below. It sounds like a great recipe and will have to try this at our next family gathering. Garnish with lime twist. How To Make Hatch Green Chili Colorado with Pork, Swiss Chard with Fried Eggs and Preserved Lemon, Slow Cooker Country Pork Ribs with Potatoes, Sauerkraut and Carrots, Patricia’s Family Reunion No Bake Key Lime Pie Recipe, Simple Orange Chocolate Truffles Recipe with Pistachios, Lemon Tart Recipe with Sour Cream Lemon Curd, Soft and Chewy High Altitude Homemade Oatmeal Cookies, Butterscotch Pudding Recipe Made With Scotch. Spread coarse salt on a small plate, then upend the glasses into the salt to crust the rims. ¾ oz Cointreau; 1 oz Agave Nectar; ¾ oz Blood Orange Juice; Shake the tequila, lime juice, cointreau, agave nectar, and blood orange juice with ice in a Cocktail Shacker. It’s plenty tart and sweet from the blood orange and lime, with a rush of tequila and orange liqueur. I absolutely love this idea. This post may contain affiliate links. My wife and I fell in love with our first blood orange Margarita at Topolobampo in 2008!! Blood oranges have very sweet juice and a hot pink color. And if you’re looking for more cocktail recipes using tequila, you won’t want to miss my Paloma Cocktail Recipe. The key to this cocktail is balance, you want all those flavors to equal out to a great Fall Margarita. Strain into a Double Old Fashioned Glass. Pour over ice and add in blood orange and lime slices. I hope you give this blood orange margarita recipe a try, and if you do, please come back and give the recipe a star rating and leave a comment about your experience with this cocktail recipe. Orange liqueur - You can opt for any number of options here (Triple Sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Moisten the rims of three 6-ounce martini glasses with the cut … Cover and refrigerate … It gives a delicious sweet richness to this cocktail, with no need for added sweeteners or simple syrup. If by some alchemical process, you were able to infuse the perfect sweet-tart orange juice with the stunning color—and satisfying deep red flavor—of bing cherries, you’d have this beautiful, silky-texutred margarita. Add remaining ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake. Cointreau (not Triple Sec) is necessary here, focusing the orange flavor in just the right way. Andale!!!!! Cascabel Blanco, Cointreau Blood Orange, Blood Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Gomme. In a pitcher or cocktail shaker, combine tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and blood orange juice. Coat the rim of a rocks glass with salt, fill with ice and set aside. Add the tequila, Cointreau and blood orange juice. These were a hit! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That has oranginess. Step 1. This original recipe has stood the test of over 70 years’ time. Add tequila, Cointreau, blood orange juice, and lime juice to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until chilled. My friend Heather over at Rocky Mountain Cooking, will celebrate the game with a Bronco-tini. Diabetics LUV your food. And how about using Grand Marnier? If you can’t find real blood oranges, Check out Powell & Mahoney or I haven’t seen blood orange margarita mix, try looking for the actual blood oranges. This Blood Orange Margarita is a gorgeous and delicious cocktail perfect for celebrating just about anything. Add fresh lime and/or orange blood wedges, if desired. With orange juice, orange and coconut flavored vodkas and blue-colored turbinado sugar, you’ll be cheering on the winning team united in orange. - The Skelly Twins, The Perfect Skinny Blood Orange Margarita - The Skelly Twins, Season 11 Recipes: Yucatán: A Different Mexico. Now just have to pick some.

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